Bathmate Hydrodouche – Keep Your Butthole Clean

I had to make a post about this. It’s an accessory offered by Bathmate called the Hydrodouche.  Im not sure how gay guys prepared for sex before this- but the Hydrodouche seems like a pretty legit solution.

Just fill up with water, mount higher than your bum- and you have a cheap at home douche system whenever you need it.  Its a good idea, but why doesn’t someone just invent a douche system that hooks directly up to the faucet?  Plug n’ Play :)

Id like to add that this could also be really useful anal sex with any partner, not just gay men.  That did not occur to me until I showed my girlfriend this and she said “Thats not just for gay guys idiot, I could use that before anal”.  So, now I am waiting for mine to arrive so I can get some anal from my girlfriend.

Here are some pictures of the Hydrodouche;


I got this picture from a review posted by grittywoman

Bathmate Xtreme

half-page-ad-300X600_largeBathmate Xtreme is the same thing as the Hydromax Pumps, but it comes with a hand grip pump for “extreme” pumping haha.  They only sell it with a whole kit, which makes it more expensive but its still pretty nice.

They come in x30 and x40 just like the HydroMax Pumps. It has a cool flip switch on the top to lock the vacuum in place. That allows you to remove the tube or hand up (or both) and walk around while wearing it.

The top twists left and right to set an additional lock.  You have to be careful with this one, since the vacuum pressure can be increased to the point of damaging your manhood.

You can learn more about it here (a pretty unbiased review), or go straight to their website here.

Bathmate HydroMax x30 and x40 Side-By-Side

I previously owned the Bathmate x30 and have reviewed it. Its a great penis pump for the money, but it was always lacking in the size department.  Bathmate offers the goliath edition which is one of the largest water based pumps you can buy, but it uses the old rubber gaiter system thats not very comfortable to use in the bath, shower, really at all.

The new HydroMAX editions of their pumps have the new swivel gaiter systems, so you can do a complete rotation while pumping to see your progress. No water leaks, and its a lot more comfortable than anything else I have used so far. 

For those who have the hercules, or the Hydromax x30, here is a comparison picture showing the different in size. 



The HydroMax editions of the Bathmate pumps are much a huge improvement over the old style rubber gaiters.  These feel good, and pump a lot more efficiently   Theres also no more leaking, like I experienced with the earlier hercules model. 

More to come on the hydromax x40 soon- waiting for more information to be released like the dimensions for max girth and max length.